Great Conjunction Solstice Meditation December 21st 2020

LoveLight Meditation Circle

Greetings dear LoveLights 🥰

Welcome and warmest thanks to everyone joining in this LoveLight Circle meditation for the December 2020 Solstice! To newcomers, and to all who have been focusing as Love Anchors with the high vibrational alignments and gateways throughout this year, much love and gratitude. Star Family and the Light Realms thank everyone grounding the Ascension through our hearts and beings, in all ways and forms we feel inspired.

Through a year of intense and turbulent energies in the collective field, the background light frequencies have continued momentum toward this Solstice Gateway that aligns with a Great Conjunction of Jupiter&Saturn at less that one degree apart from our Earth view. Planetary timelines have swayed amidst collective dualizing pressures, shifting personal and group timelines within the whole. The overall Ascension Pathway, however, is holding the way open for the high vibrations of this Conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius to…

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